Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Training & The NCAA

I did my first hill workout of the year today. Mike and I headed to Mountain Road (yeah that is it's real name) for a few hill reps. We only did 3 reps and it sure felt like I hadn't done hills in awhile. So I am calling this a spring training workout, just getting back into it. They weren't too bad.

Right now I am watching the Wisconsin Badgers play Belmont in the NCAA Tournament. I love the NCAA Tournament. I love the upsets (unless it is my team) and all the close games, buzzer beaters, etc. One and done! Don't have an off day or you will be out.

I also like joining bracket pools. I never win them, but I still like them. The last couple years, I have had my girls do 'brackets' too. It is always fun to see who they pick. Usually it is a team they have recognized (Wisconsin) or the team sounds cool (Butler because "But" is in their name, they are all still under 10 after all). For those of you who are into college basketball, you may get a kick out of who that have going far so I thought I would share.

Katelynn's final 4 is Kentucky, Temple, Kansas, & Wisconsin with Kentucky winning it all, or as she calls them, Kentuckyburgie. Katelynn is 5

Megan's final 4 is Marquette, Temple, Kansas, & Old Dominion with Temple winning it all. Megan is 6.

Melissa's final 4 is Georgia, Connecticut, Louisville, & Wisconsin with Wisconsin willing it all. Guess she is a 'homer'. Melissa is 9.

And for the record, I didn't pick too many upsets and have Ohio State, Duke, Kansas, & Pittsburgh in the final 4 with Ohio State winning.

Share you final 4 if you would like.

Keep on Running!!!

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Beth said...

Watching the tournament is a great way to have some family time. I used to watch it but just can't get into it for some reason. I get that it is fun... always think that next year I'll pay more attention to it. Enjoy your hills!