Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Good Finish to a Good Week

This past week, I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That may be one of the longest running streaks I had in quite some time. I usually take at least 2 days off per week and since I am not training for anything specific, I didn't think I would be running that often. But it turns out I did. Most of them were easy runs between 4 and 7 miles but they were all pretty good runs.

I had every intention of waking up on Saturday morning doing something running wise. I didn't. I had every intention of waking up before church on Sunday and running as well. I didn't again (stayed up too late plus lost an hour for Daylight Savings). Once church was over and I ate some lunch, I then decided to get out there. It was nice out, maybe mid 30's and mostly sunny.

I started out pretty slow and easy as the 2 PB & J sandwiches in my stomach were still thick. But I gradually picked up the pace. At close to mile 5, I had to run over some snow and ice on a sidewalk and ended up going through and got a complete soaker! It was cold but didn't last too long and I was still feeling better as time went on. I ended up running a little over a half marathon and was did it at a pretty easy feeling sub 8:30 pace. Another good run.

A little over 42 miles for the week without a "big long" run. I am happy about that.

On another running (or I should say walking) note, I was reading the Sunday paper and read that the 50,000 meter race walking world record was broken in France. Care to guess what the new world record is? 3:35:27!!!! HOLY CRAP! That is a little over 31 miles too! I can't even RUN 26.2 miles in that time yet this guy is walking 5 more miles in less time. Shows you how good these guys really are. Congrats to you Yohann Diniz!

Keep on Running!!! (or Walking)

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misszippy said...

Oh yes, those racewalkers are insanely fast! I wrote an article on them a while back and was blown away by what they can do.

Great work on your miles this week!