Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best Basketball Game I Have Ever Seen

I have been watching a lot of basketball the last few days. Hey, we all know I like the NCAA Tourney. So with Wisconsin AND Marquette both making the sweet 16, things couldn't be better for the Wisconsin teams in the tourney. But that is not the game I am talking about that was the best one I have ever seen.

Greg (my coworker and WELS Kids Marathon committee member), his son, and I went to Madison to watch the Division 1 & 2 High School Boys State Championship games on Saturday. The first game was OK but the second game, the D1 Championship was unbelievable. Back and forth the entire game with crisp well executed playing. A last second 3 pointer to send it to overtime. A good 1st overtime still tied to send it to a 2nd overtime. A timeout called with 4 seconds left up by 2 when the team had no timeouts remaining thus a Technical Foul called and the kid made both to send the game to a THIRD overtime. In the third overtime, a 3 pointer with 10 seconds left to ties the game but a tough shot to win the game with 2 seconds left. We weren't cheering for any specific team so it was awesome just watching it all unfold. Neither team deserved to lose that game. Great, great game!

This all on a weekend that I intended on running, but lack of sleep and rain convinced me that maybe I needed a rest. Did I? No, but I am going to use that excuse. I will be back at it again this coming week.

I did see something in Madison that made me wish I had my camera. I saw a sign that said "Kill the Bill" (Imagine it in your mind). I think I should be quite offended by that. What did I ever do to that person I have never met? Naw, it has everything to do with the protests and controversy here in Wisconsin and specifically Madison. Perhaps you have seen it all over the national news since Mid February. I am not going to get into politics here or go on a diatribe as to which side I support. I just thought the sign was humorous.

Keep on Running!!!


misszippy said...

I've never been much of a basketball fan, but a good game like that is fun, especially this time of year.

Mark said...

I thought about you... a great game!!!