Friday, March 4, 2011

Ice for Skating and Ice for Knees

I am feeling good but I am feeling beat up. Does that make sense?

I have run 4 times this week since the Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon last weekend. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I went on some easy 4 milers. Twice I ran with Mike for good conversation, the other by myself, all after work. Tuesday I could still feel the marathon (duh), but Wednesday and Thursday were very easy so I felt pretty good.

But then there was today. As I write this, I am sitting on the lounge chair in my family room with an ice pack on my right knee, 2 quite large blisters on my left foot toes and a bloody broken blister on my right foot toes. I feel like the walking wounded but I feel good. Make sense? I didn't think so.

You see, tonight I decided to take Melissa (my oldest daughter) to the Pettit Center for some Ice Skating. She got some new (used) Ice Skates for Christmas and likes to skate. We went skating together last Sunday (Yes, I can Ice Skate ... sort of ... and I can do it the day after a marathon ... sort of). She wanted to go again but I really didn't. Sounded like a perfect opportunity for her to skate while I ran laps. So that is what we did. She had a blast going around the Olympic Oval, that is until her skates laces loosened up too much and she didn't know how to retie them properly. I ended up running 40 laps which is just over 11 miles. She thinks she did 12 laps, maybe 3 miles.

I felt pretty good most of the laps, that is until the last few when I picked it up. My knee got pretty sore the final 3 or so laps, reason for the ice on my knee right now. I didn't even realize I broke a blister until the socks cam off so that doesn't hurt at all. The other blisters are annoying, but maybe a weekend of no more running will help.

I don't think that this week was the recommended workouts for the week following a marathon, but then again, when have I ever done the sane thing. I hope you all had a great week.

Keep on Running!!!

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Beth said...

Running while she ice skates is a great idea! What fun! Hope you are feeling 100% soon!