Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Great Day of Weather of the Year

I had our wrap up meeting for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon today after work. I had planned on meeting Dana before the meeting for a nice run but when he didn't show up on time, so I went out myself. It was gorgeous outside today for March in Wisconsin. It was sunny, a small breeze and maybe in the mid 50's, just great for a run. I ran in a short sleeve shirt outside for the first time of 2011. I ended up running a 10K on the roads near the Pettit Center.

I was using my new Garmin for the first time so I had the average pace feature on like the old one. Before the run, I thought I was going to have to run pretty fast since I was going to be running with Dana but since he didn't show, I could run easier. Do you think I would take advantage of this? Noooooo!!! I ended up running the first mile in just over 8:00 and felt really good. After mile 2 being close to the same pace, I decided to turn the run into a Tempo Run instead of an Easy Run. I picked it up some and ended up running a 10K at Tempo Pace finishing in 48:37. I was quite happy about the run...and the weather.

After a short walk to cool off, I went into Pettit and into the cool ice oval area and found Dana running laps. We missed each other by a few minutes and instead of guessing which direction I went, he just went to the track. He had 3 laps to go so I ran an additional 3 laps to make it a full 7 miles for the day.

The Icebreaker wrap up meeting went well. We looked at all the reviews on Active and Marathon Guide and will try to make the changes to make as many people happy as possible. We know 100% is impossible, but there were quite a few good ideas in the reviews we will try to make happen.

Keep on Running!!!

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Leslie said...

I have been to Wisconsin too visiting my grandma there but I just stayed for a while and get back to Florida. Yes, the weather is really cool and a good place to jog too.

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