Monday, November 29, 2010

New Goals

I ran a little over 7 miles today after work. It was even raining for the last 2 miles. It has been awhile since I ran in the rain but if it were a little colder, it would have been snow. I still managed an 8:25 pace and felt good.

I have no more races planned this year. Maybe a 5K on New Year's Eve but other than that, nothing. I was checking my miles for the year and I am at 1434 miles so far. I have realized that I improve my marathon time when I increase my mileage. Some of you can get away with lower miles and still run fast, but I am a shorter distance runner by nature so I need the miles to improve late race endurance.

Last year I ended up at about 1480 miles for the year. 1500 should be a no brainer but since December will again be a training month, I think I may try to get to 1600 miles for the year. I will have to accumulate about 160 miles for December to do that, but July and September with both over that so I have a chance. I guess we will know in 31 days.

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