Monday, November 8, 2010

Daylight Savings & A New Runner Giveaway Site

Today was my first post end of day light savings time evening run. Phew. That was a lot to say. Well, it is significant because I like to run after work and I can start running around 4:40 to 4:50 usually (unless I am swamped). Today I was able to start in the light but it was getting dark quickly. By 2 miles, it was pretty dark and by 3 it was really dark. I ran along a bike trail near where I work and I knew it was smooth enough that I didn't have to worry about twisting an ankle, as long as I stayed in the middle.

The run went well today. It always seems like I am running faster than I really am when I run in the dark so I felt like was was cruising tonight but was only going a moderate pace. I ended up getting in 7 miles at 8:37 pace for just over 1 hour. I felt good.

About a half mile from work, I did see my first Christmas lights of the season. Come on people! At least wait until after Thanksgiving! Hey, I love Christmas lights more than most but I have my limits. I can only hope that this was a guy who put them up over the weekend and just wanted to see how they looked in the dark. I should be able to know tomorrow.

On another note to all you blog readers and people who like to get stuff for free. I wanted to share a new blog I came across last week from a runner here in Wisconsin that has TONS of giveaways on her site. Check out Jamie's Running Diva Mom website and check out all the stuff she gets to try out and then also give away. Right now she has 7 different items she has reviewed and is giving another away. I haven't won anything . . . yet . . . but it sure looks like a lot of cool stuff from headbands to compression socks to books to jewelry. OK, I haven't tried to win everything, but I do give gifts to other runners, some of whom are ladies, so I try to win those as well. Check her out and her site.


Eric Weis said...

Running at night is a fun change of pace, especially as it gets closer to Christmas time.

The lights that are out could be someone celebrating Diwali (Many Indian culture's Festival of Lights). Hopefully that is it. If it is someone setting up for Christmas, they are crazy early!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Woah, that is early for Christmas lights, and I start feeling Christmas-y in October!

Running Diva Mom said...

hey -- thanks for the shout-out! good luck! :-)