Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Wet but Fun Weekend

It has been a really rainy weekend here. It rained later in the morning on Saturday and all afternoon, all evening, all night, all Sunday morning, and most of Sunday afternoon. Did that stop me from having fun or running . . .nope! Though I didn't run in the rain . . . too much that is.

Paul came over on Saturday morning for a long easy run. We left at about 6:30AM and it was about 65F. We hit the Muskego Trail and were planning an out to the end of the trail and back. At about 7 1/2 miles at really easy pace, I sensed some rain about to come. Sure enough, it started but not too hard. It stopped soon, about 1 mile later, and we continued on. I was feeling quite tired on the run, maybe it was the wind, maybe it was the harder run on Thursday and Friday, maybe I was just an off day bit I kept slowing down. With 2 miles to go, it started raining again. A little harder this time but not anywhere near pouring. We finished the 15 1/2 miles at an average of 9:11, much slower that we usually run, but Paul is running a The Wisconsin Marathon next weekend so he was OK with the slow pace.

There was a track meet going on at the school 200 meters from my home and the rain came hard later in the morning. I felt bad for the kids as they had to scramble to find shelter not once, but twice.

That afternoon and evening, I went to a friends wedding. It was pretty fun and I sat with some people I did not know but we all had a blast at the table. I am not a fashion guru and I am sure I don't dress perfectly all the time, but some guy just made me laugh. Maybe I am out of date on fashion or I just don't know any better, but I saw one guy there who from the waist up looked very nice. A suit and tie, very clean. Then you look down and not only was he wearing sandals, but he had on Capri dress pants. I didn't even know those existed and frankly, I think they should just go away. Just my opinion.

When you have princesses at home like me, you get to do things that most normal adults don't think of doing or normally do. Some of you can relate. Well, today was one of those day. I took Melissa (7y/o) to go see the Hannah Montana movie. Now since I do get to do some of these things that most normal adults don't do, I get to experience good things they don't. This movie was one of those things. It was a good movie. The music was OK and the plot was pretty good. I won't go as far as recommending this to all my adult friends, but I won't say to avoid it also. Disney is making some really good movies for the Tweens out there. The High School Musical movies are like this as well.

I also ready that Disney is coming out with a new animated Princess movie this fall. It is called "The Princess and the Frog". I am surprised it took this long but they are finally going to have a black princess named Tiana. The preview of the plot sounds like it is going to be another Disney Masterpiece.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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