Monday, April 13, 2009

Crappy Weather

The day started today with some pretty nice weather. It was sunny and not too cold for Mid-April, but then it changed by mid morning. First it cloudy and then in the afternoon some rain came. Since I had slacked off all weekend on running, I knew I needed to get out there for some miles. After work, it was raining some, windy, and cold and there I was outside in my shorts and 2 Tshirts out for a good 5 miler on the Hills Loop. The first mile it felt really crappy with the wind in my face and light rain making it feel even colder. I found myself running faster with the thought that I would finish faster. Not a good idea on an easy run day. After 1 mile, I knew I was out too fast so I slowed it down. After 2 miles, it finally stopped raining. After 4 miles, it started raining again. After 4 1/2 miles, I noticed some large snow flakes falling. Good thing that only lasted a short time. I finished at an average pace of 8:35 but it didn't feel good at all. I was glad it was over.

I made sure I got inside and warmed up quickly as I feel like a cold is coming on. I woke up with a slightly sore throat and that came back in the afternoon. I bought some "Airborne" to help it maybe go away but only time will tell. I have been pretty lucky with colds, fevers, and the flu this past year so know on wood so hopefully that will continue. With having the Princesses at home, they have shared all sorts of germs over the years so I think my immune system is pretty strong. I hope so!

Tomorrow morning I have a breakfast meeting with a potential sponsor for the Kids Marathon I an organizing. He is enthusiastic about helping out and loves the idea. Let's hope we can come up with a good partnership that can help defer the costs for the Kids. I have a good feeling about this so my fingers are crossed.

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Mark said...

I think, finally, some good weather is on the way. It's been nasty down here, too. Seems like it's been forever since we had good running climate.
Hope you don't get sick. My cure is when you feel it coming on eat two big chocolate bars!