Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Good Run and Idiot Drivers

Today when I started my run, I anticipated running one thing but ended up running a completely different type of run. It was a nice day, partly cloudy, some wind but not too much, and 59F out. I decided after work to go for an easy 7 miles. I wanted to complete the 7 miles in under 1 hour which is about 8:35 pace or so. I started out at what felt like an easy pace but the first mile was 8:05 and the second mile was 8:08. They seemed so easy that I decided to try to keep up the pace. By the time I turned around in the out and back run, I was averaging 8:11 and still felt good so I picked it up. The final 3 miles were all under 8:00 with the last mile being 7:25. I pushed that last mile to try to get my overall pace under 8:00 for the run which I was able to do. I finished in 55:27 for a 7:55 pace. It was good.

To switch gears here, I wanted to comment on certain people who drive like idiots out there. I have seen more and more people texting while driving. Do you people have a death wish for you and all others on the road. Every time I seem someone crossing the center line or the fog line, I instantly think they are texting or playing with their cell phones and 95% of the time, I am correct. Don't these people realize they are all over the road. It is one thing to do this and maybe kill yourself, but more than likely you will take someone else out with you.

Then there was this guy I saw yesterday on the way home from work. I was following him on a 2 lane road and was about to pass him when I saw his back tires. His driver side back tire was completely angled into the car. The tires seriously looked like this / I totally backed off thinking the axle was going to give at any second and the tire come flying off. Just be safe out there everyone.

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Mark said...

Man, that is a fantastic 7 miler! Think if you could do that for 26.2!
Yesterday a car was weaving in front of me as I was moving stuff to the new place. Sure enough they were texting!