Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Connoisseur, I Think Not

I have now had 2 days in a row off from running. I have been a little busy recently so I never got the chance to get out there. I did run 5 miles on Tuesday night after work. I went home for dinner and then back to work. Then at 9PM, I went out for an easy 5 miler. I like running at night, it seems more peaceful out and the traffic is less. Not seeing potholes isn't the greatest thing, but I still like it.

It has been extremely busy for me at work but I was able to get away for 1 day on Wednesday. I decided to take the princesses and a friend to the Milwaukee Art Museum. I know some people will accuse me of being and uninformed, unintelligent, non-classy guy, but there are some stuff in there that just makes me shake my head and wonder who would pay for or like some of this garbage. I can appreciate a nice painting and nice sculptures. I can see the beauty in many of the things they have there, but some stuff, come on! There was a chair next to the wall with another chair slightly raised attached to the wall. What was this suppose to represent? The biggest piece of garbage to me was 3 big canvass sheets next to each other all in a solid color. One was blue, one was yellow, and one was red. I know, I know, the primary colors but why display this? Who actually goes up to this and looks at it and ponders the meaning? I think the artist just had extra colors laying around and wasted them on some old canvasses and is laughing their butt off at how much $$ they took the museum for. My philosophy is that is I could have done it, it isn't classic art. And I could have easily made that 3 color thing. "But you didn't do it and that artist did." Yes, because I think it is a waste.

OK, enough. That is my opinion. I don't dislike art, I just dislike useless garbage art. the one thing that is actually really cool about the Art Museum in Milwaukee is the building itself. It was designed by a guy named Calatrava and it pretty neat. It is shaped like a boat and has wings (or sails) that rise up in the day to show a really neat display. Here is a picture of it. We watched the wings (sails) go up and it takes about 3 minutes of slowly raising. A really cool looking building right on the lake front, finally Milwaukee does another good thing along the lake, this and Summerfest.

I want to wish my buddy Mark good luck this weekend. He is running the Frisco 50 Marathon in Missouri on Saturday. His goal is to break 4 hours and has trained hard to do so. Good Luck Mark! Keep you head in the race! I, on the other hand, will be running a long and grueling 5K this weekend. OK, I am kidding, it will be over before I know it. My goal is to break 20 minutes but there is a good hill right in the middle. We shall see.

Good luck to all of you who are running Boston on Monday. I shall be with you . . . someday.

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Mark said...

Thanks, Bill. I appreciate your friendship! I'm with you on some of the art today.
Hope you break 20 tomorrow!