Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Run then Slacked Off

I have been taking it easy his week and not running that often. I was going to wake up early this morning and do 10 miles but after the alarm went off and 2 snoozes later, I turned it off and had some more shut eye. I slacked off! I know that is not good, but I don't do it too often.

I did have a good run on Friday afternoon. Since I am planning on running a 5K next Saturday and I haven't had much (if any) speed work recently, I wanted to do a little track workout. So off to Waterford High School I went and climbed the fence for a good track workout. The plan was to run 6 intervals of 800 meters each. That adds up to 3 miles, just under a 5K and I wanted to run them at 5K pace. I also decided not to run them like a Yasso 800, but take as much rest as my body wanted. I ended up taking a 1/2 lap job followed by a 1/2 lap walk as a rest.

My 5K goal next Saturday is to break 20:00 so that equated to about 3:13 for 800 meters. It was quite windy so I was unsure how it would go. the wind was straight down the front stretch so I would most likely struggle in the middle and right at the end of each 800 and that is exactly the way it went. The first 800 was a but slow at 3:20 but I usually run the first one slower. The second was 3:12 followed by a 3:10, 3:04 and a 3:03. the last one I usually put some extra effort into. I pushed hard but felt my legs feeling quite tired. to my surprise, I finished in 2:54 and this made me very happy. 6 miles in and off to home where I slacked on Saturday. Good and Bad I guess.

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Mark said...

Wow!! Bill!! That is some awesome running! Apparently the slacking didn't hurt your speeed!!