Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Temporarily Out of Commission

Yep, I am out, but hopefully just for a few days. My back has been pretty bad since I reached for air off the grocery store shelf and has spasmed quite a bit almost flooring me a few times.

I went to the Chiropractor on Monday afternoon and had a good adjustment but today, it was very stiff and I still had problems with the muscle spasms. So I am going back for another adjustment Wednesday morning. I am hoping this will put it all back into place and I can get back to running in a couple days. I may need to go back again before I get the OK to run again. If things go according to the way they did in the past, I should be able to run on Thursday but will need to go a few more times for adjustments. It is absolutely amazing how just a little reach for nothing can mess me up so much.

I am a bit concerned about the 5K I am signed up for on May 7th but if I am back running soon, it should not be a problem. My goal is to run faster than the 20:59 I ran a little over a week ago. I will most likely miss my hard interval workout this week but maybe rest is better.

Today was the first time I was able to do any coaching of the kids at my daughter's school. The last practice was pouring rain and the kids just did a circuit around the gym. Today it was raining pretty hard and was windy but slowed enough to go outside to finally run. the first meet in a week and a half away so not much time left. I had the boys today, 8 of them. So I marked off a 200 meter sort of oval in the parking lot (no track available) and I had them do some 400 meter intervals. I paired them up into teams of 2 and had them run 5x400 each as a a person relay. After a water break, they did 3 more 400 meter intervals all together. Most of them seemed to enjoy it (as much as one can enjoy intervals) and some surprised me at how well they did. It was definitely a rewarding day for coaching.

Keep on Running!!!


misszippy said...

Feel better! Hopefully the chiro worked his magic on you.

Beth said...

Oh, back spasming is not good. I'm glad you are getting some help and hope that you are back to running again soon. The weather needs to cooperate for your little track people!

Albert Divo said...

Does going to a chiropractic actually relieve the pain you have? How does it go? Does it hurt?