Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Wanted to Run but ...

I had planned on running today but I only was able to get a half mile in. You see, today was the first day of track practice at my daughters school. I volunteered this year to be the distance coach for the boys and girls. I was going to run with the kids but today they were doing time trials so all of them did a 1 mile trial and I timed them. My half mile came during the warm up. After practice, there was no more time to get any miles in and I needed to get my daughter home.

Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays so I think I will just have to run before work on those days. No worries, the track is close and the port-o-lets are out for the summer. The biggest problem will be getting my butt out of bed early enough to get 5 miles in before work.

I was able to get 5 miles in yesterday and have a special 45 minutes with my youngest daughter. I was able to push her in the jog stroller for what may be one of the last time. She is now 5 years old and getting pretty big and heavy for the stroller. She is much more active than in the past when she used to either go to sleep during the run or just be quiet and look around. We talked most of the run pointing out what we saw and what we did all day. She even sang a few songs for me along the way. After 5 miles, I could tell she had about enough and was ready to get out. Won't be too many more of these runs so I will cherish the times we still have.

Keep on Running!!!

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Beth said...

Aww... last run in the jogger stroller. I remember those days. I'm looking forward to hearing about your coaching- I know it will be very rewarding!