Monday, April 18, 2011

More Snow?

This is what I woke up to this morning. We only got about an inch or 2 but I've had about enough of snow for the year. It was over 80F just a little over a week ago, but that is Wisconsin weather for ya!

By the time work was done, the snow was completely gone. I went for a 7 mile run along a bike trail and felt very good. I ended up running it in 59 minutes and could have gone for many more miles at that pace. I have to coach after work tomorrow so I am going to attempt to get up before work and get a few in. Chances of me getting up? Probably slim but I will still set the alarm and hope for the best.

The last 2 weeks or so have been a little problematic when it comes to unplanned purchases. First it was the van and overheating problems. That was about $700 I didn't need to fork over. The very next weekend the battery in the car died. Doesn't sound too bad until you find out that the only way to get to the battery is to take the driver front wheel off and take off a panel in the wheel well just to access it. Not to mention how on earth you get it out then. I wasn't about to attempt it myself. Another $200 I didn't plan for. Then this week, my refrigerator decided to slowly warm up. It is sort of cold in there but it is suppose to be colder than 45F and 20F. So now another crap load of $$ needs to be spent. Uuugghh. I needed to go into the Disney Fund to help pay for these things. Oh well, just going to have to start to save more (if possible).

Good thing I run to keep the stress down.

Keep on Running!!!

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Melanie said...

And that is why I live in the south. And was miserable in Chicago this weekend.