Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation Schedule Havoc

My company had the 5th of July off in observance of Independence Day and we also has the 6th off as a floating holiday. So since we had Monday and Tuesday already off, I decided to take Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off as well. A little mini vacation from work. I like taking off, who doesn't? My running schedule doesn't like it.

When I am away from my usual running routine, I find myself having problems getting the running in. I stay up too late making it hard to get up for an early run or something comes up to delay it. This week is no exception. I guess I like my running to stay in a routine.

I finally got running on Wednesday morning with a 10 miler on the track near my house in the morning. Why the track instead of the road? Well, I got up and wanted to run right away and without getting to personal, I usually need time for Mother Nature to take its course and there is a solution located at the track. Get the drift?

It was hot and very humid. I ran slow for my usual pace but managed to get in the 10 miles. I could have rung my shorts out they were drenched with so much sweat. I then took Thursday off for no good reason at all other than I was tired from being up late Wednesday night. I did get out to the track again this morning for another 10 miles and it went a little better and I did manage to get all the laps in, but they were not high quality miles.

The weather has been hot and humid up here this week which helps in training the body to run in hot and humid weather. I know that sounds redundant, but it certainly helps in the fall when the weather cools off for a nice fast marathon, I hope.

I drove the girls down to Six Flags Great America on Wednesday on a last minute decision. Turns out they were warning all to keep drinking fluids as it was 102 in the park. We all had a good time and even snuck the 4 & 5 year old on the big wooden roller coaster. (They were slightly too short) and they loved it. It is weird how kids can love the big roller coaster and also love the little "Wiggle's Big Red Car" ride which does nothing but move along a flat track at about 2 MPH. Ahhh to be really young. they really enjoyed their first upside down roller coaster as well which they did about 8 times when there was no wait near the end of the day.

Thursday was my middle girl, Megan's, 6th Birthday. So today I was cleaning the house as tomorrow she has all her friends from Kindergarten coming over for a Birthday Party and Gymnastics outing. Again, ahhh to be really young.

Tomorrow, my oldest, Melissa, the one who did he first 5K last Saturday, will try her first Triathlon. It is a Kids Triathlon in Pewaukee, WI where I will be volunteering anyways. She will need to swim 100 ft (in water waist deep), then bike for 1 mile, and the run a quarter mile. She is excited and I will do my best to get pictures this time.

July Quest for 200 miles update: 55.2 miles done, 144.8 miles to go.

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