Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Trudge Along

So far this week I am keeping to the schedule of lots of miles. As I mentions many times recently, I have a goal of 200 miles for July, a number of miles I don’t think I have ever had for 1 month. The short term benefits of this are rather slim, only perhaps the peace of mind that I actually CAN run 200 miles in 1 month. The short term Cons are plentiful. I picked a month that is quite hot and humid so the pace has been slowed. I am feeling really tired in the legs all month as well. The long term benefits could be good, I just won’t know that until the fall. I am hoping this adds to my endurance base and helps me get though those dreaded miles 20 through 25. I would really like to run a marathon back down near 3:43 where I did 3 years ago. I think I am on the right path.

One thing about my running is that I like to mix it up and run “different” type runs or routes occasionally. Monday I decided instead of running from Volleyball and back, that I would instead get a ride to Volleyball and just run home afterwards. It was 12.75 miles home and the last 3 were in the dark. I actually felt good even though my pace wasn’t overly fast, just under 9:00 pace.

Tuesday was at the track with Mike. Why he decided to run 800 repeats with me only 5 days before his next marathon is beyond me but he did. We only did 4 due to time constraints and they were not too fast (3:23, 3:16, 3:13, 3:06 w 3:00 rest) but it usually feels good to get the legs moving faster, and it did.

Yesterday was a 7 miler while my oldest was at Soccer. I averaged 8:44 pace but it felt slow and tired.

Today I am doing a double workout. I did 5 this morning and I felt slow and tired again. I don’t know the pace as I didn’t wear a watch, but it was slow. This afternoon I am planning another 5 miler with Art who is in town and I haven’t run with for a long time.

I did the double so that I can do a short long run this weekend. Maybe only 10 miles on Saturday. A little rest before the last week of July when my miles may increase a lot and I do a long one on Saturday the 31st. I should hit my goal of 200 miles this way

I want to wish Good Luck to my friend and running partner Mike and also Melanie who are both running the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday. Have fun!

July Quest for 200 Miles Update: 145.6 miles completed, 54.4 to go


Mark said...

Keep it up, Bill!

misszippy said...

It sounds to me like you are balancing the hard stuff with the easier paced stuff quite well. It will serve you well, I'm sure!

Beth said...

Great job fitting in those 200 miles. I like this post because sometimes we have to get creative getting in the miles where and when we can. You are doing awesome! Everyone but Mark over there suffers from the heat, so don't let it get you down. I enjoyed your lovely state, but the house we rented had a bat and we had to leave soon after the races when we were supposed to stay for a couple days and explore. We will have to try and get to Door County again so we can truly get what the experience is like.