Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Story For You - Part 2

As the title of this post states, the little story continues. I spoke to Mike today after the San Francisco Marathon to see how he did and see what his thoughts on the race were. Turns out he ran a 3:30 which is about where I expected him to finish considering his training and the issues before the race detailed in the last post.

We left off yesterday with Mike getting to the Expo, getting his number and going back to the hotel for a little rest before picking up his family from the airport at 8:00PM. That pick up went with out any issues and quite smooth according to Mike. They were all pretty tired but they were also hungry so they stopped at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Dinner was also good. Then they got back to the rental car and found out someone smashed the window and stole 2 bags from their car. His daughter's bag (backpack) with clothes, a DS system, an iPod, and other items. Also his wife's bag that held the camera was taken. They didn't leave the restaurant area until after 11:00 PM with dealing with the police.

This has been a trip from hell for Mike and his family so far. I feel so bad for him and his family and I wish there was something I could do to help, but what could I possibly do.

Mike woke up early for the marathon and his hotel located in the downtown area only 2 miles from the start did not offer a shuttle to the start. So Mike decided to run to the start area, maybe a slow jog, I am not sure. His kids were quite freaked out about the previous night so he did not wake them up so he could have a ride to the start area. He also walked back after the race because the car had glass all over it still. When I spoke with him, he was resting some before going to the rental car place to exchange cars.

He also said that for most of the race he was running with anger because of all the crap he had gone though to run this race. It helped him get through miles 17 to 24 as he just cruised though whatever pain he was in. But now he is done and he can cross California off his list of states.

I hope any of you who ran in San Francisco had a better experience. I didn't get into too much detail about how Mike felt about the race alone but I will soon.

Congrats to Melanie for finishing the San Francisco Marathon. I certainly hope her trip is going better than Mike's.

While they were running this morning, I did 10 miles of my own. I ran on the track near home and had a pretty good run. The temps were low to mid 70's but the humidity was very low and I ran well. I ended up averaging about 8:20 pace and didn't really feel like I was pushing it at all. I even ran the last 3 laps all in under 2 minutes per lap. Good Run!

Quest for 200 Miles Update: 160.6 miles completed, 39.4 to go


Mark said...

That's a shame about your friend and his family being robbed.
Great finish to your workout! Sub 2's! Whew that's good!

Beth said...

That's too bad about Mike's trip problems. Sometimes things just don't go right no matter how hard we try. I'm glad you are running well and your quest is on track.