Monday, July 12, 2010

Sun, Heat, and Humidity - Must be Summer

Since I was a the Kids Triathlon on Saturday morning, I did my long run on Sunday morning with my friend Mike out by his place. It was sunny, hot and humid which made for a very challenging run. I was very sluggish and ran out of water too soon so I ended up only doing 19.6 instead of the 22 I was going to do. Mike did the entire 22 but was still out there when I was done. Usually he would have been done but the warm sunny weather got to him as well and we suffered pretty much out there. It goes down in the books as a pretty poor run but still one that will help me come this fall.

Today I did 8.3 miles before volleyball at a very easy pace again. The legs were still pretty tired so I took it easy. I am still on pace to get my 200 miles for July but it would be nice to have a few less humid days. But you get what you get in the summer.

July Quest for 200 miles update: 83.2 miles done, 116.8 miles to go.

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misszippy said...

You still got a nice long one in the books--at that kind of mileage, it's more mental than physical benefit, in my opinion.