Monday, November 7, 2011

A Weekend Off?

Well, almost off.

I figured after 3 marathons in October, each 2 weeks apart, I deserved a weekend off. I went into the weekend thinking I was going to run, but each morning I woke up and decided not to. I had a couple friends who were running a half marathon somewhat close by, but when I looked into it late in the week, it was already full so I couldn't sign up. So (almost) no running.

I say almost because I did go running with my 9 year old daughter. She finished her Cross Country season a few weeks ago and now there are a few races coming up that we may sign her up for. So to keep her 'in shape', we went on a 3.4 mile run. We were going to take a small break half way but I convinced her to keep going. Soon enough, i convinced her to try to make it all the way to a 5K without stopping, then we just ran the rest of the way non stop. In the last 100 meters, she kicked it in and I had a hard time keeping up with her.

Her PR for a 5K is 28:41 and during this training run, she went through the 5K mark at 29:07 so I think she is ready to break that PR. The next race for her will be on Thanksgiving morning where we will run a 4 mile race. It will be her longest race ever. then on December 4th, we are looking to sign her up for a "Girls on the Run" 5K. I will cheer her on and do my best to keep her on pace. That one is held at The Pettit Center in Milwaukee where the Icebreaker Marathon is held. Then in early January is the Disney World Marathon Weekend 5K (she doesn't know about this one yet) and then in Mid January is the Icebreaker 5K.

We ran another 2 miles tonight during my 5 mile run. She is having fun running with Dad.

Keep on Running!!!

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