Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good-bye to Summer

Summer is definitely over here in the upper Midwest. We enjoyed a very nice autumn and we are now getting closer and closer to winter. Today I saw the first snow of the year. It didn't accumulate on the ground but it was coming down fast for awhile. By the time I ran in the evening, the snow was gone and there was a light rain (maybe a touch of sleet). It was like 35F and windy so the 'wind chill' was said to be 22F. Yep, summer is gone.

Also, not that daylight savings time has ended, now my after work runs are mostly in the dark, which changes the options that I have. I can still run on the bike trail, but I risk tripping or turning an ankle on the uneven ground or unseen object on the trail. So I am back to some routes I run in the winter months along roads that are less travelled but have much bigger hills.

The colder and darker months are here, but as always, I ...

Keep on Running!!!

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Beth said...

Running in the dark is something I've been able to avoid so far. I have a headlamp but still, I've fallen down in the light of day so I'm afraid what could happen if it was dark! At least no snow so far. I hope that continues for a while!