Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Couple Haunted Hustle Pictures

Jamie is a friend of mine I met last year right after the Haunted Hustle Marathon. She writes a runners blog names Running Diva Mom. Check her out. We met before the race for a little bit. With her was her cute kids and her parents supporting her on her 26.2 mile journey.

Dan and I ran the first 6 or so miles together. Dan was in the Jennipede Team with me so we both wore out Make It Happen Jennipede Shirts for the race. I think there were at least 5 Jennipede runners in this race. Maybe more that I did not know of. This picture was about 4 and a half miles into the race.

Here I am somewhere near 17 or 18 (I think). It was around here I had my on point where I did not feel so good. I was happy that it only lasted a mile or so and then I felt strong again.

Jamie (or should I say Dorothy) ran her first marathon since last fall. She ran awesome! Maybe there were some flying monkeys from Nashville chasing her. Maybe it was that she wasn't in her Ruby Slippers. Either way, she ran really fast. And she will run a half marathon this weekend, one 1 week rest. She takes after me, Crazy Jamie!!!

Halloween night was only 2 nights later. It was chilly here in Wisconsin, maybe the mid 40's for Trick or Treat so I decided to set up a fire on the driveway while I gave candy to all the kids dressed up. I even gave a few "warm me up" shots of Rum Chata out to some of the parents.

Keep on Running!!!

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Lacey Sue said...

Hi ya!!! Found you through Running Diva Mom!!!! Hope you don't mind me stopping by! Looks like an incredibly fun race! I think your trick or treat idea was awesome - I know I would have loved it! Well done on the race!