Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Injuries

Maybe it is just me, but do you notice little injuries more the closer you get to your races? I am noticing a few more little injuries that could explode into large ones if I don't be careful. I have my knee problem that has been there for about a year and half now. It comes and goes in severity but not a large issue. I have an issue with the middle of my left foot now. It usually goes away when I run but comes back afterwards. I was at the Chiropractor last week and he checked it out. Good news is that he does not think it is a stress fracture. He something that it could be but I can't remember what it was.

The biggest possible issue is with a tendon on my upper leg. I have to be careful stretching it and when pushing it while running. This one concerns me, especially with all the marathons I have planned over the next month as well as in January and February. I will be careful and hope for the best.

I was able to get a nice 15 miler in yesterday at just under 9:00 pace in light rain. The first long sleeve run of the fall. I needed a long run at a good pace since the last long run was quite slow running with the Jennipede. This will be my last good long run before the potentially 3 marathons I am doing in October.

The first one in next weekend and will be the long slow run marathon. It is the Jennipede World Record Attempt marathon in Milwaukee. The team is planning on running a 5:45 for a time so it won't hurt me too much for the next marathon as long as I am careful with the little injuries.

The second one is 2 weeks later. I plan on going to Louisville, Kentucky and running the Louisville Marathon. It is a small race, maybe 250 in the full and another 600 in the half. A size I like. I will sign up for that one after the Lakefront Marathon and I determine no escalation of the injuries.

The third one on the plan is the Haunted Hustle Marathon in Middleton, Wisconsin (Madison). I ran this one last year and it was pretty good for an inaugural marathon. I hope they get the mile markers right this time. It is fun to see all the runners in costumes here as well, at least as long as I finish ahead of them. LOL

Keep on Running!!!


misszippy said...

Wow--you've got a packed schedule lined up. Good stuff. And yes, the more you train, the more the body reminds us it's vulnerable. Just stay on top of it and hopefully you will be good to go.

Kim said...

You have just made my day! Seriously, you have. I ran LFM last year and stayed with the 5 hour pacer until about 14-ish miles before I had to walk, and then I lost him. It gets lonely on the course, especially when you are at the back of the pack. I finished in 5:34. This year I was training for a 5 hour, then I tripped over my dog on 9/5 (while running with her) and took about a 2' direct drop onto my knee. I'm hoping a run/walk will get me through, but I really wasn't looking forward to being out there without some sort of group to run with.

I hope you have a great run and can't wait to see the Jennipede! :)