Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jennipede Training Run #2

Sunday morning, the Jennipede Nation, as our team captain Robin calls us, met for the 2nd and final training run for our World Record attempt in less than 2 weeks. This time, we had an amazing 39 (I think) runners linked together for a 13 ½ mile run/jog. I have never had more fun running so slow.

We met at the Lake Park Pavilion and queued up right before 8:00AM. I was queued toward the back of the group, maybe only 6 runners behind me. This is where I want to be. I don’t know what the runners up front are like, but us in the back have a blast telling stories, jokes, and whatever comes to mind. We even had a few Combat Ranger chants along the way. All of us in the back are pretty veteran runners so the pace was quite easy for all of us.

While running, we go around 11:30 pace and stop every mile for a 1 minute walk break. This is necessary for some of the runners in the group who have never run a marathon before. (What a way to break into the marathon world!) We did practice restroom breaks again, this is very slow. I think we were there for over 10 minutes. I say the guys, if possible, just go on the side of the road. I mean, in a marathon, who really cares? I think in the race we will plan a couple early stops and then maybe one later on if necessary. Personally, I only seem to need them in the first 5 miles then I am good. I may try to under hydrate just to make it easier on myself and just hydrate during the race.

In front of me on the run was Mary. Mary is not going to be running the marathon as she was just trying to see if she could do this. It is not because Mary can’t run a marathon, quite the opposite as she has run over 160 marathons/ultras in her life, the issue is that Mary is blind and has been since birth. Seems running attached to a rope was a little too nerve racking for her and I completely understand. Her guide, Brandi, tried her best but it was a challenge. My job was to control the slack in the rope as we ran for Mary. I would wind it up in my hand as it loosened up and let it out when needed to. That was a challenge enough to help make sure Mary didn’t trip on the rope. Mary was a great sport about it and I actually hope she decides to run and I would be more than happy to be the “slackman” again.

Another lady a few in front of me was getting married later that afternoon. Nothing like running 13 ½ miles tied up before some nuptuals. I guess I’ll hear how the wedding went in a week.

So the Jennipede training run was a success again. Now we will increase the number to over 60 for race day. The plan is to run a 5:45 marathon, maybe a little slower. The best part is that we will all have raised over $75,000 for Jenny’s care.

Keep on Running!!!

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