Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Disc Golf Running

The Cross Country Meet last Saturday for the team I coach was cancelled only 3 days before the race. Instead of the race, I took some of the older kids took a local park for a 2 mile run and then a game Disc Golf. If you don’t know what disc golf is, it is Golf but using special Frisbees. The only difference was that since this was still Cross Country practice, I required them all the run as we played. It was a ton of fun even dodging discs as they were flying all over toward the “hole”. Most of these kids have never played disc gold before and they seemed to have a blast. No score was taken, only fun and running.

Later that afternoon, I had to be in the same city for a party so I took my girls to play another round. The 2 youngest only play a little but my oldest likes to play all the “holes”. Turns out I had about the best round I have ever had (I don’t play that often so I guess that isn’t so impressive). But I did get my first ever Hole-In-One on a 170 foot hole through tons of trees. Somehow the disc managed to avoid all the trees and crash into the chains of the hole. I was pumped! It was fun.

Tomorrow is the second CC meet for my team. They are a bit tired but are eager to run fast.

Keep on Running!!!

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