Sunday, July 31, 2011

Passing 200

I made it! I made it to 200 miles for July. Actually, I made it to 212 miles, 2 more than last year July. My body is sore now and needs a little break. I plan on running this week early but then will take off at least 3 straight days over the weekend. I hope that will help the muscles recover.

I passed 200 on my long run on Saturday. I decided the day before that I would try a new route and run around Pewaukee Lake. You can get around the lake in 13.2 miles but I started a little farther out so it would have been longer, even with the extra miles I put on. Before the run, I was thinking that 13.2 miles was too coincidental that they should have a half marathon race around the lake. Some of the route would be on country highways so maybe not as safe as it could be.

I started my run early before the sunrise at 5:00AM. Not even a half mile into my run, a deer jumped out in front of me about 30 feet across the trail. Scared the crap out of me (and it as well).

I got to just before mile 5 when the sun finally rose. There were no clouds in the sky so I was hoping for shade. I did get quite a bit. Suddenly I notice a sign that said "Mile 2". As I pasted the beach area, I noticed they were going to be having a festival so I thought maybe they were having a race. After a large hill, I saw a sign that said "Mile 3.1" Perhaps they were having a 10k? Over the next few miles and up and down quite a few big hills, I saw "Mile 5, 6, 7 & 8" I also saw table set up for water stops. Could they be?!?!?

I turned down a bike trail away from where my car was because I wanted to add miles to the run. I was already 3/4 of the way around the lake but they ran to the town of Delafield where I was able to refill my water bottles with a lot of ice and fresh water. A salt packet too and I was turned around back toward the car. I was feeling pretty good still at mile 13 when I got the water and I was able to keep feeling good the next bunch of miles.

I got to the part of the trail where I turned and resumed my trek around the lake. Only 4 more miles to go and I see the signs again. This one said "Mile 8.3" and was at a water stop that had volunteers at. I asked what the race was and sure enough, it was a race around the lake. So much for my cool idea, already done. They told me the race had started 30 minutes ago but no way they would be to 8.3 already. I knew on the route I was taking that I would not see anyone on my run. They were too far back.

I was able to finish 20.24 miles for the day and it was starting to get very warm. So glad I was done.

I saw something I have never seen before too. There was a guy on the trail running in a with his left arm in a sling. That had to hurt. He finished at the same place I did not long after me so I had to ask. He was training for an Ironman when he got tore up his shoulder some. He said he didn't want to waste 9 months of training for his first Ironman. What dedication.

The day of running was not over. After taking the girls to the county fair, I had a planned group fun run for the kids of the Kids Marathon I organize. We met at a park in Sussex and I was able to get in another 2.5 miles with my daughter, Melissa. So I ended up with 22.75 miles for the day and 212 miles for the month. A new record high for me for a month. I could have run today to add to it but I decided I had too many other chores to do. It has been a good (and hot) month, I hope it has been good for you as well.

Keep on Running!!!

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Mark said...

Great month, Bill!!