Monday, August 8, 2011

A Little Break

I took the entire weekend off! 3 straight days of no running. This was supposed to be my recovery and rest after close to 250 miles in just over a month. My legs feel rested but was it enough?

I ended up going up to Door County for the weekend and camped a little. The girls got to swim a lot (the 2 youngest can now swim on their own!) and we had lots of Ice Cream. Friday night we even went to the Drive In Theater and saw Cars 2. It was a beautiful night outside watching the movie.

While in Door County, I did see a running camping going on. Sure, I wanted to run, but I rested. What a cool camp for these High Schoolers. I was talking to their coach and they did some team building exercises along with mostly 2 a day runs. Games and fun as well. I wish I could have done that in High School.

I did get a long run in on Thursday as I took that day off of work. I went to Madison and put in 17.75 miles along some of the best running routes around. I ran though the Arboretum and along lake Mendota to Picnic point and also along Lame Monona. I forgot my Garmin at home so had to wing it on pace and distance. Turns out I ran faster than normal this summer averaging somewhere near 8:45. It was humid and warm but not hot. I ran easy and it felt as such. It was a good run. I ended up walking into lake Wingra afterwards to cool the legs down afterwards.

Time to get back at it.

Keep on Running!!!

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