Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Long Run - In Pictures

This morning, I ran one of my longest training runs of the year. I ran 24 miles and it felt surprisingly well.

Last night, I parked my car just past Lapham Peak State Park and planned on waking up early and running to the car, a one way trip. On a map, it looks really far, and it is. It always seems like a longer run when you go one way instead of a loop.

I decided to take a camera phone alone to see if I could get any good pictures. No real wildlife pictures but I snapped a few along the way to share. The pictures are really grainy, the camera doesn't take good pics.

I woke up very early this morning and was out of my house by 4:45AM, before the sunrise. As you can see from the picture, only a little light was coming from the horizon at the time. I took off quite slow as it was very humid out and I didn't want to push it and feel the way I did the last few long runs.

At about 4 1/2 miles, the sun wasn't quite up yet but the sunrise was very beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice. My shirt was soaked already at 2 miles in but the slow pace was helpful. I think I was at about 9:40 pace at this time. Turning to the west, there were quite a few darker clouds which were a welcome relief from the possibility of running in the sun.

Finally at mile 9, I saw my first person who was not in a car a little after 8 miles. My first runner I saw was after 11 miles. The course I took was planned with 3 different water fountains along the way to refill by bottles. That came it very handy. The first one was at mile 11. I took a small break before heading on the Glacier-Drumlin Trail for 8 miles.

I took another break at the next water fountain where I surprisingly bumped in to Mary Flaws, who I had run a lot of races with. She and her husband run the website Really cool running website.

A couple miles later, I bumped into yet another local runner I see quite often, He used to work with my brother so I see him often a parties, etc.

By mile 19, I had picked up the pace and my average pace was down to about 9:27 where I took my last water fountain break. 5 miles to go, but the toughest 5 miles were still to come. I hit Hwy C and the hills began. I was on Hwy C for about a mile and it is up then down the up a big hill. Then right at mile 21 was Government Hill Road. Yeah, even the name makes it sound bad! 0.4 of a mile and 180 feet up. uugghh. Then at the end of the road, a grass trail up another 35 feet to the observation tower.

What a great view from the top of the tower though. And a nice breeze. I talked with a couple ladies up there for a few minutes before heading out on the final 2 miles to my car. At least the first one was all downhill. Not easy though as it is 250 feet down in 1 mile. Quad and toe buster. I kicked it in the final mile and that was my fastest mile of the day around 8:30 and was able to finish with an average pace of 9:24.

Once done, I walked around and met a couple from Switzerland who has slept in their van for the night. They are travelling across the country visiting all sorts of place along the way, Today happen to be Milwaukee. Very nice people, I hope they enjoy the rest of their trip.

I have a "race" planned for Sunday. It is the Challenge Nation Urban Adventure Race. We are beginning a heat wave here in the upper Midwest so water will be a key. Not really racing it, just out there to have some fun. I'll tell you all about it soon.

Keep on Running!!!

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Dana said...

Bill - - - Hope you're doing well. Are you doing the Eisenbahn Marathon?