Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 Extra Miles

I am closing on on 200 for July. 200 miles that is. Last July I ran 210 miles and this year, once again my goal is to run 200 miles in July. The idea is to build up endurance over the summer and since there are 5 full weekend this year in July, why not try it again. I should be able to do it barring some unforeseen issue. I am at 182 so far with a long run planned this Saturday.

Today was a run at Pettit before a meeting I had there. I was going to meet Dana as well but wanted to get in a couple more so I started early. I ran inside Pettit for the first 4 miles. While it is not as cool in there as in the winter since the ice on the oval is gone, it felt REALLY good to run in nice cool and dry air. I think it was close to 50 to 55F in there and I was able to cruise without much effort.

Dana showed up after 15 laps and we headed outside for 5 more miles before the meeting. Tons more humid out there and probably 20 or so more degree higher in Temps. Since Dana is a much faster runner than I am, he had to slow down to my pace but I kept it faster than usual and we had good conversation along the way. I was planning on only doing 7 miles so I guess I ran the extra 2 miles.

By the way, Icebreaker Indoor Marathon registration opens on August 1st. That is for both Milwaukee and Utah!

I will give an update on the WELS Kids Marathon real soon. It is going to be so cool this year.

Keep on Running!!!


Mark said...

Awesome July!!! That's a bunch of miles! I am looking to have my best month in a long time, 'bout half as much as you!! I'd like to do the icebreaker!!

Beth said...

Glad you are having a good month. 200 miles is amazing! Nice that you have an inside option in this heat. I have a place to run inside in the winter but not in the summer. I need one! :)