Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Scorcher Today

It was hot and sunny here today in Wisconsin. Mark, you would have loved it! Most of the Milwaukee was in the upper 90's with a few communities hitting 100 and it was humid. So it looks like we have joined a lot of the rest of the country where it is hot.

Mike and I did decide to run after work anyways. A lot of our co-workers thought we were nuts but we wanted to get out there. So we got in a slow 5 miles. I didn't wear a watch so I don't know how slow it was but it felt very slow.

It will be hot again tomorrow but the good news for those of you running the Ragnar Relay from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago, the temps will drop dramatically on Thursday. Right now it looks like temps in the upper 60's to low 70's for that all day and night race. I know Melanie is coming to run that race, so Good Luck to her.

Here are a few pictures of Paul and I from the Madison Marathon a week and a half ago.

Keep on Running!!!

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Mark said...

Yep....my kinda weather..lol. Wishing I could do the goofy challenge.