Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Race Report - The Wisco Mile

If you had asked me yesterday after my run if I would be running The Wisco Mile on Wednesday, I would have said "no way". I was dead from the heat and super tired. It was very hot yesterday and today was only slightly cooler.

But then I woke up this morning and thought that maybe I would run. I was still planning on running after work but then after checking the weather forecast hour by hour, I decided to give it a try. It should be cooler by the 8:00 start and maybe even raining.

What is The Wisco Mile? It is a bunch of 1 mile races held at Wisconsin Lutheran High School here in Milwaukee. This is the 4th year and the idea was born with the thought of getting in one last 1 mile race for the high school kids after the State High School Track Meet the weekend before. It has now grown to 10 different 1 mile races under the lights on the track. And let me tell you, this is one cool event, not only to run in, but also to watch. Here are the different races that they had:

Girls Grade School Mile (Grades 6 to 8)
Boys Grade School Mile (Grades 6 to 8)
Boys Freshman (High School) Mile
Girls Open High School Mile
Boys Open High School Mile
Coed Community Mile (All comers race no matter age)
Men's Masters Mile (35+)
Men's Super Mile (The really fast post college runners)
Girls Elite High School Mile
Boys High School Mile

Some of these races were REALLY fast. The grade school boys mile was won in 4:43!!! The High School Boys Elite Mile was won by a a guy who just won the D1 High School Sate Championship in 4:21 (slow time for him) and 3nd place was the D3 State Champion. They really bring in some fast guys. The Men's Super Mile was the fastest with the winner in 4:08 with 4 guys under 4:20.

I entered the Men's Masters Mile. The race started a little after 8:00 and they try to make everyone feel really special. Before the race starts, the announce all the entrants as we job the straight away to the start line. There is music playing throughout the race and the announcer keep the crowd aware of who is in the lead and some split times.

Since I had just run a marathon a week and a half ago, I knew I wasn't going to be in top shape to run a mile. So I knew to take it out comfortably. I did want to at least break 6:00 if possible and at best go 5:30. The gun goes off and I immediately go to the back of the pack of 12. I knew the fast guys would be running sub 5 so I had no intention of running with them. My first 200 was a little slow so I pull ahead of the guy in front of me. It is fast but I try to keep it relaxed. I think I went through the first quarter in 1:25.

The second lap was about the same and I think I went through the half in 2:55. Lap 3 in a 1 mile race is always a mentally tough lap. I did pretty good keeping pace but I could hear the guy behind me and I knew he was the only guy back there. With 1 lap to go, I needed to run a 1:35 final lap to break 6:00. The guy behind me was breathing down my back and I could tell he was right behind me. I bid my time and with about 150 meters to go, I poured on the sprint and pulled away from him and finished 4 second ahead of him assuring a last place finish was not for me. My final time was 5:49.

I know I can run a mile faster than 5:49, but I don't know about a lot faster. The marathon was still in my legs and the heat was a factor. In fact a storm was moving in and during the race, I could see cool lightning in the distance. No rain during the races but a ton on the drive home.

While this is a great meet for the high school kids, it is also cool for the average Joe runner wanting to know how fast they can run a mile and also for the running fan who just wants to watch a few fast and competitive 1 mile races.

Next race is the Great Milwaukee Race in a week and a half.

Keep on Running!!!

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