Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not My Best Week of Running

This week hasn't been the best running week for me. Not horrible, just not great.

It started on Saturday, I joined Chris for a long run in the morning. Chris is the Race Director for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathons (Milwaukee & Salt Lake City) and the Great Milwaukee Race. He ran up toward my house and I met him about a half mile into my run. We ran 15 miles together before he urned for home and I had 5 miles to go. Those first 15 miles were really good and fun. We ran really slow and talked the entire time about all sorts of things. It was sunny out and getting warmer as he left for home. That is when I started to struggle. You see, I was starting to run out of water and I also made a big mistake before I started running. I forgot to bring along any GU's or food at all. I was hungry and out of energy. I ended up doing the last 3 miles 1 mile at a time with a longer(ish) walk between miles. I did finish though and downs a ton of Chocolate Milk when I was done. I felt better that afternoon.

Monday I ran with Mike for 5 miles. I still felt tired from Saturday so I wasn't too happy about my recovery. My knee is getting a little more sore so that bothered me and I also has a new toe issue that just come up. It was pushing up against the front of my shoe and causing some discomfort. Turns out it was a blister completely UNDER my toe nail. Never had that happen before. I was able to get to it with a needle and drain it this afternoon for some relief so that was good.

I did run today at my daughters Track Camp. I started running on the track so I wouldn't be too far away in case I needed to stop. But Paul showed up and we ended up running on some grass trails around the school. This actually helped somehow. I was able to get in 5 miles with only a little discomfort on the toe so hopefully that was the entire problem. The knee is a different story. I just need to keep icing it after workouts I think, at least I hope that will do it.

Tomorrow is a day off from running. I am taking the girls to Six Flags for some Roller coaster fun. They LOVE roller coasters (my kind of girls!) including the 5 year old. The weather looks great so a day of fun should be a welcome break. Then it is on the a hopefully big mileage July.

Keep on Running!!!

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Mark said...

Have fun on the roller coasters!!! Hope that knee gets better