Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exactly 1 Hour

I have been going on easy runs all week, Monday was a little over 5 miles and today was 5 miles. But on Tuesday, I ran 7 miles with Paul. My daughter and his son are in a Track & Field 'camp' that is 2 days per week for an hour and 15 minutes. This is a good time for us to go running. So yesterday, we ran 7 miles around the trails near the high school where the camp was. As I finished 7 miles, my clock said 1 hour, 0 minutes and 0 seconds. Not exactly a fast pace or a slow pace but it was just weird it was exactly 1 hour. So I ran 7 MPH.

This Saturday is the Great Milwaukee Race. I will be competing with Paul and Mike on my team. We are hoping to do well again this year but there is not much you can do to prepare for this race. It is not just a running race, it is sort of like the Amazing Race from TV. At the start of the race, we will receive 10 clues to different locations around the downtown Milwaukee area. Once we figure out the clue, we need to run to the location and to a challenge before we go to the next location. Teams can do the clues in any order they want to so that makes it fun. Last year, you could see teams running all over the downtown area in all directions. We will need to run a minimum of 7 miles, but that is if we run the most efficient route possible. Could be 8 miles, 9 miles, more? Depends on if we figure out the clues correctly too.

This is a really fun race to do and I am looking forward to it. I heard the clues will be harder this year. I hope not too hard.


misszippy said...

I think that sounds like a blast! Enjoy it and let us know how it goes.

Mark said...

Cool...7mph on the dot...that's cruisin'!