Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Are You Passionate About?

What are you passionate about?

I was talking the other day to a really good friend of mine about what each of us we wanted to get out of life. Lots of things came up but the thing I commented on was finding someone to share your passion with. I don’t mean passion in the love sort of way and I don’t mean finding a love interest to share your passion with, I mean finding or sharing your passion with the world OR a few special people.

So what are you passionate about? What makes you want to get up everyday and go out in the world and get it done? What makes you happy? If you have read my blog over the years, it is quite obvious my passion is running and I want to share it with everyone. If you are one of my personal friends, you know this all too well. I love running so much that there are times I won’t shut up about it. I will meet complete strangers at parties or other functions and somehow the conversation always seems to go toward running. I only wonder what they say about me after we part.

I have a good friend I run with often who doesn’t understand this and he runs ALL THE TIME as well. He even has more marathons done that I do. I will talk to him and say something like “Did you see what Chris Solinsky did yesterday?” or “Hey, Haile Gebrselassie is running the London Marathon” and inevitably he will say “Who?”. I not only run, but I follow running as well. I don’t know everyone, but I read Runner’s World online most days and I get the magazine monthly; I like to read about it. Not following running does not mean you don’t have a passion for it though, just a different type of passion.

So, how do you share your passion if you do share it? For me, there are a lot of ways. There are small ways like encouraging friends or coworkers to run. I have asked quite a few at my work and every once in awhile, they come out and try it or join some of us for a 5K. Most of the time they think I am nuts, but hey, I think I am as well.

I have started a Kids Marathon locally to share my love of running with kids in grades K to 8. Last year we even had 400 kids sign up. It was so amazing watching these kids accomplish their goals and receive there well deserved medals. My hope is that they have enjoyed running so much that they continue it for the rest of their lives.

In keeping with kids, I am also hoping to volunteer as my daughter’s cross country coach next year if they will have me. Showing enthusiasm of running toward kids is so rewarding! Lots of these kids don’t know how to properly run or race so they need guidance. I hope to leave a lasting impression on these kids that will stay long after they forget about me and grade school cross country.

This last year, I also volunteered to be on the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon committee. Now I can share my love of marathons and how to make them better with everyone who runs. Have you ever volunteered for a local race or been on a committee to organize one. There is a lot more to it that putting up a start/finish line and ordering medals. A LOT MORE! But it is fun. Try it sometime.

If you are reading this, most likely you do have a passion for running and that is AWESOME! How do you share it? Please leave me a comment for all to see of how you share it. I don’t ask for comments really ever, but this time I would really like to hear from you. So all you “silent” blog readers out there that follow my journey or if you just came across this, please leave me a comment. Share your Passion!

Keep on running!!!


Beth said...

I think that it is fantastic that you started the Kids Marathon and are going to do some coaching. That is great! My love of running has turned into a more generalized passion for being outside. Hiking, skiing, walking, snowshoeing... running is still my favorite but, if I couldn't run again, I could deal with it if I could still get outside and do something physical.

Great job sharing your passion!!

Run with Jess said...

I love running so much that there are times I won’t shut up about it." Ha, ha, ha.... Love this! That's how I get when I start training. My hubby says I'm obsessed! :)

Fellow cheesehead here (but stuck in IL now). Look forward to following you...

LindseyAnn said...

I've never really thought about how I would share my passion for running. I have daydreams about coaching (both my mother and sister are high school track/XC coaches), and that is definitely something I would like to pursue down the road.
Your blog looks wonderful--looking forward to reading more! I'm not from WI, but I can see it from my house! (I live in Duluth.)