Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ready for Something Warmer

I braved the cold again today and ran a 5 miler after work. This was the third straight day it was in single digits for temperatures out there. Today it was 9 for my run. I like to run in a neighborhood not too far away from work as to avoid the cars but also on a day like today, avoid the wind and the cold wind chill. It is my usually hills loop and it went really well today. I was able to average an 8:34 for the 5 miles and it felt relatively easy, except for some wind in the face making it pink. There is a warm up forecasted for this weekend, maybe even into the upper 30's. Whoa, a heat wave!

I am going to Pettit tomorrow after work for my weekend long run since I don't have the time on either Saturday or Sunday morning. I am not sure how far I will go as of yet, but I am guessing somewhere between 15 to 20 miles. It should be fun since some of it will be during open skating so I get to see all the normal public skaters. More than likely I will still see some speed skaters, but that will be right at the end of their workouts.

Mileage is up this week and I still feel good. Let's hope it stays that way.

There was a local 50K trail race this past weekend. Trail race? In the winter? Yep! It is called the John Dick Memorial Crusty 50K, or as the runners like to call it, The Crusty Dick! My friend Chaz has done it a couple times. The issue this year was that we had that blizzard last week that dumped a lot of snow on the course so it was extremely deep and difficult for the runners to keep going. In fact, of the 74 runners that started, only 24 finished. And the winner (who won the Icebreaker Marathon a few weeks ago) ran 97 minutes slower than he did 2 years ago. I have NO desire to run this race.

Keep on Running!


Claire said...

Way to get out there on Thursday!! I bailed on my 20 miles on that day but redeemed myself this morning..heat wave is right!!!

Have a great weekend!

Mark said...

We're getting a warm up down here! Hope it comes up there for you!