Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold Again

Thanks for you comments on my last post. It is great to hear how others share their passion for running and outdoor living. If you didn't leave a comment yet, please do.

The cold is back in Wisconsin. Actually it never left but it is really cold tonight. I think it is suppose to get down to -6 tonight. I did get out there for another cold winter run tonight after work. I did 8 miles in 8 degree weather. At least that is what the temperature was, the wind chill was somewhere near -7. I did make a mistake on the run. I put on an extra shirt for the run, not the mistake, but it was another short sleeve, not a long sleeve. I definitely needed 2 long sleeve shirts today, not just 1. My body was warm, my hands were OK, my head was even not too cold, but my arms were really cold. Toward the end, they were starting to tingle a little. I kept trying to flex my hands to keep the muscles moving and warm. That didn't work too well. My running tights were good most of the way but with a little less than a mile to go, when I went into the wind for a bit, mu upper thighs got really cold. But I survived and will be stronger because of it.

Should be cold here for a day or 2 more. I want to get in a long run this weekend but would prefer doing it at Pettit. It may need to be Friday evening as Saturday at 10 is the Pinewood Derby. The girls named their cars and they weighed just enough. They certainly won't be the fastest cars but they will have fun.

And, yes, we are definitely celebrating the Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers here! What a good and a little too close of a game. The Steelers sure made a game out of it near the end, I am just glad it ended the way it did.

Keep on Running!

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Claire said...

It's supposed to be around 30 or so this weekend...freakin heatwave! I have 20 miles on tap for the morning...not looking forward to that at all!!!

Have a great day!