Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter is coming

The forecast calls for snow on Saturday, the first measurable snow of the year. Only 3 to 6 inches are expected. It is actually a little late this year as we usually get measurable snow in November. But winter is definitely on it way.

It was less than 2 weeks ago I was in Nashville running a marathon on a warmish 70 degree day and not long later, I was running in 28 degree weather with light snow falling. Crazy! OK, 28 was in Wisconsin, not Nashville. But colder none-the-less.

Yesterday it was even colder as I ran after work. It was 21F out and I broke down and wore the running tights for the first time this winter. I will avoid wearing running tights when possible. Usually my threshold is 25F so 21F and wind was a no brainer. Today it was 27F out so I opted for the shorts and I think I made the right decision.

So winter is on its way and I think I am prepared for all that is involved with that and running. I do not look forward to snow sticking on the bottom of my shoes during running, but I am prepared. I do not look forward to hidden ice on the road, but I am prepared. I do not look forward to single digit temperatures (or colder), but I am prepared (plus the Pettit Center is open).

At least I think I am prepared.


Mark said...

I think it's true that you northerners are tougher than us! My tights threshold is 40F! I hope it's a mild Winter for you all!

marmot said...

guess it's really getting colder...we've got to prepared..