Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Freezing! I has been friggin' cold up here the last few days. But that did not stop me from running. After a 20 miler on Saturday morning with Mike on a mild day, the weather turned for the worse Saturday night into Sunday and now it is very cold.

Yesterday, Mike and I ran 4 miles after work and it was about 9F out with some wind. That made it very cold but layers saved me again. Today I ran on my own. It was a little colder, 8F, but it felt a little warmer as the wind was low. I did 7 miles today.

I don't mind running when it is cold, I just can't run fast, nor do I try. I feel that if I did, an injury would be right there. First of all, my muscles take a long time to warm up, if they ever do, so slow running is good for that. Second, there is so much ice still on the road, that easy running is safer to help avoid slips and falls.

As for injuries, my right knee tendinitis is sure making itself known in this cold weather. I have decided to bite the bullet and ice it at night and just deal with the pain that comes with that. I just got done with that and now have a warm corn bag wrapped on my knee. I will continue this so hopefully the tendinitis will either go away or reduce itself.

I did have a new problem on my run tonight, but one that is easily solved. Seems my running tights are too old and have now caused some rather irritating chaffing on my inner legs. I went out tonight to find some new ones but the stores I went to either had super expensive technical running pants or stuff I had no interest in. I just need some simple running tights, nothing fancy. I did find some at one store but they color I wanted were too small and I really didn't want bight blue or red tights. I will look again tomorrow.

It is now a little over 3 weeks until the Mississippi/Alabama double. I will run long again this weekend but then start cutting my miles back. While I have run a double long run for 3 years in a row (twice a half/full, and once a full/full), I still have no idea how to do it properly. Mike and Paul will be there so the main goals are to finish both and have fun. I am confident I can do both.

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