Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Mas!

"Merry Mas, doesn't sound right without Christ, does it?" I saw this on the sign of a church I pass on the way to and from work. This church has a lot of good messages on their sign, but I think I like this one the best. Let us all not forget that Christmas has everything to do with Christ, not presents or lights or cookies or decorations or trees or . . . (although those are nice as well).

I had another Christmas related conversation I had at work today. One of the ladies that answers calls from customers told me she was going to stop saying "Happy Holidays" and instead, start saying "Merry Christmas". I wondered if anyone would be offended by that. In today's world, there is no doubt someone will claim it does, whether it does or not. Just an average day for a Christian being ripped on for our faith, even by those who claim to be Christians themselves. Odd, isn't it.

This got me to thinking more. Would I be offended if someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah? No, I wouldn't. Happy Kwanzaa? Nope! Happy Festivus? Besides it being a made up holiday, I think I would give it a little laugh and then say "Thank You". Maybe it is just me?

So allow me to wish you some holiday greetings: Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! I know it was December 1 to 9, but better late than never?!? Happy Kwanzaa! And Happy Festivus (December 23rd). Good luck putting up for Festivus poles, feats of strength and airing of grievances.

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