Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dodging The Tornado

It was hot and muggy yesterday. Mondays are my volleyball night and now have also become my longer, mid week run night. This time, the volleyball match began at 7:30 so I got there early and started running at ~5:50. I was going for a 9 mile run and it was quite humid out, so I took it easy. The run went well but my stomach didn't feel all that great. Felt sort of like I needed to stop but to . . . but I didn't. Turns out I went 9.3 miles and averaged 8:51. It felt much slower so I am pleased with the pace.

Volleyball was another humid endurance. the skeeters were out in force so I am glad Terry brought along the repellent though I think I sweated it of rather quickly. I put a new shirt of my the match and it was soaked halfway through the first game. We ended up losing the first 2 games very closely and then sort of got crushed in the third game. I wanted to stay afterwards and have a beer with the guys but lightning was everywhere to the west and closing in fast so I drove home hoping to beat it.

At home, the sky was an awesome show of lightning. It was just about always lit up there was so much lightning. It was a rather cool display of mother natures art. It was until i heard that a tornado warning was in effect and that it was headed right for my town. I quickly got he girls and headed for the basement with computer in hand to see what was going one. It was nasty out there with the very high winds and rain. The power went out about 9:30 and I lost the Internet since I use DSL. At about 10:00 or so, it had passed us so I put the girls to bed and headed outside to see what happened. One neighbor lost half of his tree and there was garbage everywhere. Unfortunately, a tornado did hit in 2 areas. One was in the town of Eagle which is about 16 miles directly west of me. the other hit only 1 mile north of me knocking down lots of trees and damaging the post office and fire station. Eagle was hit much harder with 20 or so home completely destroyed and another 100 or so heavily damaged.

While God was showing us His power, He was also smiling down on Wisconsin. With all those homes destroyed and trees down, only 1 person was injured and no one was killed. Even with it hitting after some would have gone to bed. We were very lucky! Please do say a prayer, if you would, for the town of Eagle as they try to recover from the damage.

Today was another hot and humid day. I went running after work and it was in the upper 80's. I decided to finally get some hill reps in so I headed over the Mountain Rd. where we usually go. I got in 5 reps with each one faster than the previous one. The first 2 felt tight but I loosened up and really tired myself out. the 2 mile cool down was more like run some, walk a bit, run some, walk a bit . . . That part sucked but it was a good workout.

Tomorrow, my oldest starts her first day of Soccer, or as I am thinking it may turn out to be "herdball". You know, look for the herd of kids all around the ball. Maybe they will teach them good, I never played soccer so what do I know.

Here are a few pictures Paul took during the Great Milwaukee Race with his camera phone:

To get 10 minutes off our official time, we had to find AJ Bombers Tavern and get a picture of out whole team in the "Big Chair".

Another bonus was to have a team picture taken near a food cart. The popcorn wagon did the trick.

One of the spots we had to find was close to the "Bronze Fonz" as it is called here in Milwaukee. That is a life size bronze statue of Aurthur Fonzerelli, aka "The Fonz" from the TV show Happy Days which fictionally took place in Milwaukee. Judging on how it looks, I think he had already "jumped the shark".

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