Monday, June 4, 2012

Has it been busy!

Just a quick note on a few things as I don't have the time to devote to a full race report at this time.

On Saturday, I ran the Deckers Creek Half Marathon in Morgantown, West Virginia.  I will certainly write a race report about it soon as I have quite a few nice things to say about this race.  In the end, I ran a time of 1:39:08, which is a PR for the half marathon for me. (Back 19 years ago in my first marathon, I went through the half in 1:35, but it wasn't a half race).  I certainly got help in this race in the form of a mostly downhill course, I think 800 feet down in the first 10 1/2 miles.  I will share more soon.

Just got back from a family vacation to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio and Washington D.C. to see some sights and see an old friend of mine.  I will share some of that as well soon too.

I am getting ready to run race #2 (of 4 total) in June this weekend.  I am running the Ragnar Relay from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL on an ultra team (only 6 of us).  I get the most miles, something like 37.5 over 3 different runs.  I am looking forward to it since I have wanted to run this race for years.

The next weekend is the Great Milwaukee Race which is always a blast and the following weekend I am a pace leader for the Summerfest Rock & Sole Half Marathon in Milwaukee.  Not Rock & Roll, Rock & Sole!  Yeah, I think they weren't took original but it is a catchy name.  I will be pacing the 2:20 group so it should be no problem for me.  Let's hope it is not too hot this year like last when they ran out of water and had a lot of problems.  The race in under new management and they seem to know what they are doing.

My daughter is also running in the Wisco Mile on Wednesday evening.  I ran this last year but with Ragnar so close, I decided to skip it and just cheer her on.  Her goal is to break 7:00.

Check back soon for updates.

Keep on Running!!!

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Mark said...

Congrats on the PR!!!! Wow! You have worked hard to get back into form...well done! Hope the daughter breaks 7!