Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012 Wisco Mile

Tonight was the Wisco Mile is the Milwaukee area.  I did not run this year due to the fact that I just ran a half marathon 4 days ago and will be starting the Ragnar Relay in 2 days.  But I had promised my daughter, Melissa, that she could run.

When I signed her up, I was hoping to get her in the the girls grade school mile which was for girls in grades 6 to 8, but since she just got out of only 4th grade, she wasn't allowed in  Instead, she was in the Coed Community Mile which is open for anyone who wanted to run.  Her goal was to run sub 7:00.

Melissa at the Start Line #3

The weather was almost perfect when it was her time to run just before 8:00PM and she was excited.  She took off a little fast for the first lap but settled in for the second.  On the third lap she was ahead of pace but slowing some.  With 1 lap to go, she was looking like she was ready to just be done but kept going as I tried to cheer her on.  In the last 100 meters, just as a lady was trying to pass her, she finally found some extra energy and kicked it in finishing in 6:54, a new PR for her.

She is so young to track and will earn over time how to pace herself better and how to keep running hard even when she is tired.  She did great though and we went for ice cream afterwards.

There was a special guest at the event handing out awards.  Her name is Molly Seidel, and she is a local high school senior.  She is also a 12 time High School State Champion in Track and Cross Country and also the the Girls National High School Cross Country Champion from last fall.  Melissa and I were able to talk to her and her family for a bit and she was so sweet to Melissa giving her some great encouragement and advise.

Melissa and Molly

After the race, Melissa couldn't wait to tell Molly about her PR.  You can see Molly has some crutches.  After winning 2 more State Titles this past weekend, her foot was sore so she had it checked out.  I hope it isn't serious and it seems like it.

2 days until Ragnar.  And most likely no sleep.

Keep on Running!!!


misszippy said...

Congrats to your daughter--that's a fantastic PR for her age!

Mark said...

Tell your daughter congatulations!!
That is really great!

Mark said...
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