Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick Update

I am between races yet again.  2 races down in June, 2 to go. 

Last weekend was the Ragnar Relay from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL.  I will for sure put up a lengthy race report in the next few days but here is a super quick recap.  HOT!  VERY HOT!  VERY VERY HOT!  I did get in all 37.5 miles I was scheduled to run but I can certainly say I did not run all of them.  It was 90+ and sunny both Friday and Saturday so speed was not on the docket for anyone out there.  But I survived with lots to tell you about.

This coming Saturday is the Great Milwaukee Race.  This one is a race where you are given 10 clues your team needs to figure out, run to the locations, and then do a challenge at each one.   Tons of fun.

The following weekend I will be a pacer for the 2:20 group at the Summerfest Rock n' Sole Half Marathon in Milwaukee.  Should be a ton of fun and I even have a couple friends that may be joining the 2:20 group.  Can't wait to help them and everyone else to a fast time and maybe even a PR.

Keep on Running!!!

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