Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little About A Lot

OK, lots of stuff going on and no time to really blog well, so here is a little about a lot of different things.

The I Run Kids Marathon registration is going on right now.  Kids can sign up until the end of the school year (and I let quite a few in afterwards too).  There are quite a few new schools that are participating this year including the school where one of my running friends works at.  I have no idea if we will have more or less kids that last year but fingers are crossed for more.  A couple new public school also joined which is encouraging.  Word of mouth is out there and people want in.

My daughter had her second track meet this past weekend.  She ran the 800 (4 meters shy of a half mile) on Friday evening.  She ran so well, I am again proud.  She finished in a time of 3:00.94.  Not too shabby for 10 years old.  Saturday she ran a 1600 that was more like a cross country race than a track race.  2 hills on the course and 70% on grass.  It was in the 80's and sunny but she gutted out a 7:18.  She was so happy with her times.

My friend Paul just got done running The Great Wall Marathon in China.  I haven't talked to him yet but can't wait to hear all about it.

Sunday was pretty warm in Wisconsin and that was the day of the Green Bay Marathon.  Lots of people were not prepared enough for the race and many had to be treated so about 2 1/2 hours into the race, they cancelled it and closed the course.  My friend Amy ran the half marathon and said it was really hot.  She was fortunate enough to have finished before they closed it but her time way way off what she can normally do.  I wonder what I would have done if they cancelled it when I was out there.  Back in 2007 when I ran the Chicago Marathon in the Melt Down year, I was told the race was cancelled when I got to mile 24.  I was hot and miserable but I kept going and finished anyways.

I had a bad weekend for running myself.  I set out to do 10 miles on Saturday morning and only got 5 in as I just felt bad.  Poor excuse, I know.  After that run and 7 hours at the track meet under the sun, I was beat, dead tired and crashed pretty hard that night.  I still have 2 weeks before the next race so time to get back at it.

So 2 weeks from now is the Decker's Creek Half Marathon in Morgantown, West Virginia.  My first race in a long time so I am excited to see how I can do.  The course looks like a pretty fast one (on paper) but it could be hot.Either way, it will be fun to be mixing it up again, even if it is only a half marathon. 

The next weekend is the Ragnar Relay from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL.  My team isn't fast but we will have fun.  I think my total miles has increased to 37.5 miles for Ragnar.  Pretty close to the Goof distance.

Then a week after that is the Great Milwaukee Race which is a clue solving, challenge race.  That one is always fun as to where they take you and what crazy things they have you do.  Looking forward to that one again.

I am planning an early August full marathon but not sure yet.  Another crazy yet fun one.

Time sure does fly these days.  So much going on and hard to get in all the running I feel I need to do. 

Keep on Running!!!

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Bethk said...

You are so busy! That's good! Glad everything is going well and good luck with the sign up of your I Run Kids Marathon. I see that your speed has been passed down to your daughter. :)