Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Local Tragedy

I had a pretty good tempo run today. I ran a total of 5 miles but busted out the last 2 miles. My times for the last 2 miles were 7:18 & 6:54. I didn't really want to go much faster as I didn't want to chance pulling my right hamstring or left quad, both of which were tight. It really felt good out there during those miles. I don't know how fast the first 3 miles were because I didn't start the watch but they felt good.

A little sad news here in the Milwaukee area. A local prominent man who owns a local bike store and President of some Wisconsin Bike association was out on a ride Friday morning along with a local pro triathlete. They were both hit by a car who was blinded by the early morning sun. He died today from injuries while the lady hit was released from the hospital Friday with less injuries.

Just a reminder to all you bikers and runners out there. While we have the 'legal right' to be out there and running in specific areas of the road, there will always be drivers out there that either do not care or just won't see you. This was a tragic accident and the bikers were blinded by the low sun, but us runners and bikers have a personal responsibility to anticipate possible problems that may occur. Were the bikers in the right area? Absolutely. Was the drive in the wrong? Definitely. But who has lost their life?

Be careful out there!

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