Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maybe a Slow "Looper" on Saturday

I keep thinking about the training ideas that I wrote about yesterday and on Saturday, I may put it to the test. Mike and I are planning on about a 14 mile run on the "Looper" course but adding 3 miles. On the map, the added 3 miles will add a lot of hills to an already hilly course. I will plan on running slow, about 9:30 pace to as slow as 10:00. Chaz may join us for the run which means that Mike and Chaz will probably run quite a bit faster. Maybe I will get there early and start early, that way we can all finish close to the same time. And if I start early and they catch me along the way, I may try to keep with them at the faster pace for the final mile or so.

I did run again after work today. I am trying to get back in the game with running since I haven't had any real training since 2 weeks before my October marathon. It has been all taper, marathons, and recovery since then. I have some time now before the next marathon to get some good miles it. Tonight it was 5 miles by myself. It was cold, dark and windy as I started and it was very, very lightly raining. It was a good easy run. I averaged 8:25 or so and it did feel easy. I plan on running another 5 or so tomorrow so my mileage this week should be a little higher than in recent weeks. It is only 9 miles so far this week, but if I run 5 tomorrow, 5 on Friday, and 14 on Saturday, that would make it 33 for the week. Not exactly a huge week, but a lot compared to recent weeks.

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