Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1300 and Counting

I was looking at my mileage for the year on Monday with Mike. I am now over 1300 miles for the year. The past 3 or so years, I have topped off at between 1200 and 1240, but this year I have made an effort to increase my miles. Looks like I did it. We did wonder if I would make it to 1500 for the year. If I do, I would need to average close to 40 per week. Not exactly a lot but enough to be a number I might not meet. We will see in 5 or so weeks.

Today I did get 5 miles closer though. I went out for a run at 5:30PM and it was misty and drizzling and about 44F. After 2 miles, it was raining pretty good. The good news was that the rain made me pick up the pace so I could get out of it. I really didn't mind the rain though, I actually like running in the rain, once I am all wet that is. I mean, when you are already wet, why not enjoy it. I did wear my reflective vest today and I am glad I did. With the rain and darkness, i am sure drivers would have a hard time seeing me without it. At least most of the drivers moved out of the way in plenty of time, except, that is, for the UPS driver who was slowing down to make a delivery and decided to pull over right in front of where I was running. Hello, let's try to avoid the the bright reflective item in the road!

I am planning on getting up early for a short run before I go to my princesses school to help set up the Thanksgiving feast they have planned for the PreK, Kindergartners, and First Graders. They will put on a little show in the church first before the feast so I am looking forward to it.

Good luck to all of you running Turkey Trots this year.


非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Beth said...

I feel the same way about running in the rain. I would never step out the door if it was already raining, but if I'm out and it starts, I always seem to enjoy it. Maybe I need to rethink not going out if it has started already. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!