Thursday, November 19, 2009

God Made You Special

There was no running today so I am home from work baking dinner while I watch VeggieTales with my princesses. Have you ever watched VeggieTales? It is actually quite good. It is a cartoon about Vegetables who tell Christian stories. The video we are watching is called "God Made You Special". This got me thinking about running and how God gave me (as well as all my running blog friends) the gift to be able to run. Now God didn't give me the same amount of a running gift that he gave Ryan Hall or Michael Johnson or Usain Bolt but it is a gift none-the-less and I would like to use it to the best of my ability. I don't always train the right ways or give 100% but I really should since it is a gift and could be taken away at any time.

Yesterday I was able to use that gift well. Mike and I went on a 5 miler that turned into a 6 miler. We started out easy but after halfway, we kept picking it up. We dropped the pace to the low 8's and then Mike drove us home with a 7:17 to finish. This felt great. I did have issues with my ankle that keeps popping up but I am dealing with it. I am hoping this weekends longer run goes well too. Nice and easy.

Just remember all you runners out there. I don't care if you run marathons or as short as 5K's, God gave you a gift to run so use it to the best ability you can. And remember:

God Made You Special


Beth said...

I agree, being able to run is a true gift. I am thankful for a body that will move and the time I have available. It has brought me many gifts and I appreciate them all.

Mark said...