Friday, October 2, 2009

Totally Bummed!

I was having a pretty good day today. It was busy at work, I was working hard and the day was flying along. All was well. That is until about 11:15AM when I checked the news. CHICAGO OUT IN FIRST ROUND

I am a huge Olympics fan. In 1996, I travelled down to Atlanta to the Olympics and had an absolutely awesome time. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I saw people from all over the world together to cheer on their country in all sorts of events. Most of the time I saw Track & Field events but I did get to see the Men's Indoor Volleyball Semifinals. I saw people partying in the streets and partying in the parks. For the most part, the city was buzzing and most everyone was happy and having a good time. I was able to see the women's marathon start and finish from Olympic Stadium as well. I think I was even on TV in Japan as they filmed a whole bunch of Japanese fans surrounding us as a Japanese woman took the silver.

I was able to see Haile Gebresalassie win the 10,000 and Micheal Johnson win the 400 and break the world record in the 200. Like I said, it was awesome.

Chicago was up as a final 4 city for the 2016 Olympics and if chosen, the Olympics would be in my backyard practically. I can drive to Chicago in under 1 and a half hours and some of the events would have even taken place in Wisconsin. But alas, my hopes were dashed in an instant as Rio de Janeiro was named the host city. Will Rio be a good choice in the end? I don't know. They have A LOT of work to do down there.

Maybe my hopes are not all gone. Maybe, just maybe, Chicago can regroup and try again for the 2020 Olympics. I know that is a very small chance, but it at least makes me feel slightly better.

Oh well, at least on Sunday I will go and watch another marathon.

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Melanie said...

I was bummed, too!