Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weather and Colors

It was a warmer day today. I think it got up to 70 which meant a warmer run today. Mike and I went on a 4 miler at an easy pace and that was good with me. My legs felt a little tired bit not too bad. I am having some more issues with the ankle but I hope to get through it.

I will be getting away for awhile so I am not sure I will be blogging during this time. I don't know if I will have Internet access. If I do, I will certainly try to get a race report in on the 8K I plan on running on Sunday morning. But what I really wanted to do is send out some luck to my friend Mark who will be running the Pro Bass Shops Marathon in Missouri next Sunday, November 1st. Run smart and have a great time, Mark, you have trained great not get to it!

Do you like fall colors? Right now, it is at its peak here in the Milwaukee area. It is a real treat to see these when the sun is shining wither in the morning or on my way back home from work. The first picture is of a tree in my front yard.

On Saturday, I went with my 2 oldest princess to a pumpkin farm and we picked out these 3 pumpkins which we (me) carved this week. Guess who had to carry all of them back from the field? It was all good though and the girls really like their pumpkins.

So if I don't get online before next weekend, have a happy and safe Halloween. And happy and safe running too!


Mark said...

Thanks, Bill! Appreciate it..have fun on vacation!

Beth said...

Good luck at your 8k and enjoy your vacation. I love the tree and the pumkins. They put me in a fall mood! So, you were at the lovely TCM in 2008? Yes, wasn't that lovely weather? I was so wet. Of course, I decided not to run it this year and the weather couldn't have been better.